Pole Cap Options

Raptor Cap

  • Available up to Class H8
  • Applicable for bird issues in certain locations

Flat Cap

  • Available all sizes
  • Applicable for bird issues in certain locations


Ground Plates

  • Integrated ground plates can be provided upon customer request
  • Ground plates are used in some cases for added grounding protection

Pole Finishes

Weathered Finish

  • Self-protecting
  • Great for environments to blend in with other wood poles, woods and forests

Coated Finish

  • Arc-applied zinc base coat with acrylic topcoat
  • Available in gray, black and brown
  • Ideal for urban environments or customers using a hybrid line

Embed Coating

Ceramic Epoxy

  • Applied internally and externally from base to 1’ above ground standard
  • Customizable to meet customer requirement
  • Creates extra protection and corrosion barrier